About Roya

Roya writes:

I like to think of it as “human-building” rather than “bodybuilding.” When I started working out professionally in 2020, my first thought wasn’t about having a great body. Instead, my mind was on developing mental and emotional well-being, and obtaining freedom from stress. Through weightlifting, I slowly made my life healthier. That meant changing the daily, weekly, and monthly habits in my:

  • Mindset, Focus, Discipline
  • Nutrition and Food Preparation
  • Exercise and Movement

After 90 days, I saw the results in my health, body, and even personal demeanor. It made me fall in love with my health regimen and become dependent on continuing it. When I’d look in the mirror, I’d see a more beautiful and powerful version of myself, who would force me to continue. My new self–inside and out–was exceedingly more appealing to me than ever before.

I felt a sense of health and power both within and outside myself. Now after 3 years from 2020, I have reached a level where I can’t be any happier. This was a timely and fitting choice to create a more beautiful and stronger version of Roya–than ever before–in my everyday life. The amazing feeling I have regarding my health and appearance is one which I didn’t even have in my 20s or 30s.

I want to share this beautiful feeling with other women and provide them with the same opportunity to become the best versions of themselves. I believe it’s never too late to take the first step, irrespective of one’s age. I believe women are the strongest and most willful creatures on earth if they can learn to trust in themselves and to not doubt their potentials.

My goals are to focus on the health of:

  • The soul and the mind
  • The physical body
  • Graceful aging (and slowing the aging process)


  • Proper grocery shopping and healthy food preparation
  • What, how much, and how often to drink throughout the day
  • How to work out in a way that maximizes your time and results

By formulating customized nutrition and workout plans that work for your individual circumstances and goals, I will make sure that you are in a superior position to transform your body and mind no matter where you’re starting from.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to show you how to keep the results once we obtain them. After all, obtaining results is far easier than maintaining them.

My programs are available to adults of all ages and fitness levels. By challenging you at your own personal level, my fitness regimens can put you on a path to:

  • improving your mental well-being,
  • enhancing your lifestyle, and
  • perfecting your physique.


I offer different fitness packages to suit your everyday needs. Whether you’re trying to get toned or you’re seeking physical perfection, I have a package that is customized for your goals.

Standard Package ($99.99/month)

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Premium Package ($199.99/month)

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VIP Package ($499.99/month)

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  • Meal plan and nutrition information, including grocery shopping lists and cooking coaching
  • Individually-designed and goal-based workout routines via remote access and video
  • Phone call, e-mail, and messaging support
  • Access to in-person classes (including Zoom video calls) and exercise video demonstrations
  • Customized and one-on-one individual workout and meal plans
  • Weekly monitoring and adjustments based on progress and body behavior
  • Extra personal attention to help you overcome lifestyle challenges, hold you accountable for your progress, and push you when you most need to be motivated